Wednesday, October 31, 2007

COW 100

So this is my entry for the 100th Creature of the Week activity (COW) over at ... p?t=106442 . Basically they had 30 categories (some of them really cheesy), you pick 10 of them and do 10 images in each category, and the contest lasted a month. It was a lot of fun/work/fun work, and it's a relief to be done to tell you the truth.


Lex Evans said...

wow man that shits pretty rockin! i like the heatfish with the red globuals under its throat, killer

was there a prize for a winner? good luck!

ps your cg rendering skills have gotten so much better!

Kate Dwiggins said...

I love 13 and 85! I like them all, but I think those are my favorites--I'm really impressed, though! This was clearly a lot of work, but it ended up being really awesome--good job finishing!

Sarah Watts said...

You guys rock so hard for doing that. I am really inspired.

Anonymous said...

wow! what work that must've been. i'm sure your dug deep to find varying characters. great job man!