Thursday, January 17, 2008

Last Man Standing + Thesis WIPs

I entered the Last Man Standing competition over at, ( ) and since the deadline is this Saturday I figure I can go ahead and post my entry up. I just have a lil' bit of noodling on it that I've been putting off, like the statue in the background. Oh yeah, the theme is 'Underneath It All'. I'm thinking that people will be going with more serious topics and not something as goofy as this...

My thesis is going to involve a world of my creation and the creatures, people, and locations that make it up. I guess this is a preview of some of the creatures and environments, they're mostly work in progresses.


Chase said...

This is some amazing stuff, Drew. Great job!

J. Fiorino said...

Damn Andrew! You are getting so much better with this concept stuff! I REALLY like the top guy! I can see the animal reference you used in these (turkey, hippo/rhino, etc.)
Keep it up man!