Friday, July 11, 2008

Sneaky Russians

Well I was originally going to do something for the Hellboy show at Uberbot ( ) but time sorta slipped away from me (I'm lazy), so instead my entry turned out to be another lunch hour sketch! This is the Hellboy comic version of Rasputin. He's a pretty cool guy.

I've also come to the realization that my monitor is pretty effed up in terms of gamma and contrast, dunno if anyone could recommend a good one? Thanks-


Anonymous said...

Yo Drew, cool stuff. Was just gonna say your monitor might not really be the problem. You might just need calibration software/hardware.
The hardware is the best option, but its expensive. Cheap versions of it are like 100 bucks and up. It uses a little thing you put up to your screen and it will calibrate your monitor exactly. Search "monitor calibration tool" if you're curious.

But if your monitor is a piece of poop, then go for a new one. I like the Samsung flatscreens myself. Samsung 245BW is 24 inches for $350(I think). Samsung and Viewsonic are probably the best companies. Samsungs have fast response time (great for gaming), high resolution, and great picture quality as far as I can tell.
Got a new monitor myself not too long ago so its kinda fresh in my mind. Color calibration is an eternal struggle.

JMARTIN yaDIGit said...

whats up drew... nice piece, nice work in general. I was just up there for the show myself, wish I would have gotten a hold of you. I will be moved up there in the very near future (Sep 1st officially) so we will need to get together and catch up then. Keep up the good work and I'll talk to you soon.

Juan Andrés Castañeda said...

groovyness. hells yeah.